We have been designing and installing technology for homes and businesses since 2003. Our high quality entertainment and technology solutions are bespoke to every project, meeting the needs of our clients both now and in the future.

Clever Association Team

The Clever Association team is made up of highly qualified designers, installers and project managers, each with individual specialist skills. Every detail and aspect of your project will be considered. Each member of our team is conscientious and passionate about what they do. They pride themselves on delivering a professional and efficient service.

We invest a lot of time in developing the expertise of our team, and engineers attend regular in-depth training courses on the installation and function of cutting edge technology. This ensures they are always at the top of their field and consistently delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Richard Jones - Managing Director

 Anthony Gallon - Technical Director

Joe Humphries - Project Manager


Lapicida and Rudding Park Cinema are amongst our demonstration showroom facilities, along with a residential project that illustrates entertainment and technology solutions at home. You will see examples of fully integrated Lutron lighting control systems with motorised window treatments, breathtaking Bowers and Wilkins Custom Theatre cinema set-ups, multi-room audio and control systems using remote controls and iPads.

For examples of technology within a working environment, our purpose-built offices located just outside Harrogate showcase how technology solutions can be integrated into a corporate setting. We can demonstrate how a variety of systems work, from multi-room audio, Lutron lighting control and Lutron window treatments which can help create the ideal working ambiance.


We strongly value our key alliances with Architects, Consultants, Developers, Interior Designers and contractors. We are an active member of the CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) CPD programme and we conduct RIBA-approved training sessions for Architects, Interior Designers and various professional bodies.

Architects, Developers and Mechanical and Electrical Consultants – we often consult with Architects early in the design process to help with planning for the client’s needs. We then overlay technology design onto the building plans to enable the Architect/Developer to determine the impact of technology on living space, the building infrastructure and on the running costs in a fuel efficiency context.

Interior Designers – when designing a new home with a client, Interior Designers are often faced with the dilemma of how to integrate technology into the home without it compromising the aesthetics. We can provide solutions for all scenarios by hiding and disguising home technology within furniture or fittings.


At Clever Association, we use nothing but high quality hardware products across the board. We invest a lot of time in developing close working relationships with our partners in order to have access to products from some of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers. As a result, these partners trust Clever Association fully to represent them in a professional manner.

We use exclusively top quality products, with any new technologies undergoing extensive in-house testing before being accepted as a viable option. If you become a Clever Association client then you can be sure that your home or business will be fitted out with high-performance and proven products. Being a key account, and enjoying close relationships with manufacturers, we are the envy of most installers and can ensure that we are manufacture-trained to the highest of standards.