Design Consultancy

We recognise that the key to any successful installation is careful planning, which is why our design engineers sit down with you, your Architect and appropriate Contractors at the very beginning of the project, to ensure that every last detail is carefully considered. Our wealth of knowledge in corporate technology design and installation can be invaluable from the earliest stages of planning.

Our design team can put together a number of tailored solutions to drastically enhance the working environment for your team. Systems might include audio-visual technology, conferencing and presentation facilities, public address and digital signage solutions.



















Desk Space

Using the latest technology from Lutron, we are able to deliver intelligent lighting systems and motorised window treatments so that your employees have a productive and comfortable working environment.

With the use of occupancy or vacancy sensors, alongside natural light level sensors, the office lights and blinds can respond automatically to the natural light level outside, turning off lights closest to the sunny windows and illuminating those in the darker central area of the space. The energy saved may cover the cost of the intelligent hardware far more quickly than you expect and we can calculate a rough payback time to assist with your decision making.

Meeting Space

Your huddle rooms, break-out and collaboration spaces should have simple-to-use and flexible conferencing functionality, connecting your local and remote working team together.

We can work alongside your resident IT team, or we can provide this service through our own staff, all as part of an ongoing maintenance package. Meeting and conferencing technologies including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype and Webex can be linked throughout the building, helping you to maximise your meeting areas and utilising them fully.



















Board Room

The board room is typically the main space for high level meetings, the key audio and video conferencing area and presentation system. It is key to ensure this room is specified appropriately and might not be the place for an off the shelf system.

Equipment needs to be of a standard for regular and reliable use, connecting your team, wherever they may be. We install hard-wired and wireless connectivity solutions, offering you an intuitive way to present.

Intuitive automation of all technologies is key, a single button press to start your session can ensure that lights, windows treatments audio and visual systems are all set up ready for use.


Reception areas need to be welcoming to visitors, as well as your team, at all times of the day. Lighting control, automated heating and cooling, tailored background music and branded digital signage can all help to set the environment perfectly.

Wall mounted displays in your reception can guide visitors around your site, while offering your team snippets of useful information such as traffic and weather, alongside your recent corporate social media posts.

Technologies around the facility can all be tied in with a POS system, automatically booking out meeting spaces and alerting required attendees as and when necessary.




















Your team are your greatest asset, so it is vitally important to create a working environment that is both productive and enjoyable. There are many technologies that can help create a space where your team feel comfortable, which in turn improves loyalty and efficiency.

We are all different, so giving your employees the ability to customise their own environment is a great first step. With a carefully considered lighting system in place, it is entirely possible to automate the communal spaces, while giving each team member control of their own lighting and window blind.

Breakout areas and social spaces are another key consideration and might include ‘on brand’ music or even video gaming stations.


Get in touch with our expert design team today to discuss your project and the intuitive technology solutions we can offer you.