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Smart Home Design

We recognise that the key to any successful installation is careful planning, which is why our design engineers sit down with you, your Architect and appropriate Contractors at the very beginning of the project to ensure that every last detail is being carefully considered. Our wealth of knowledge in smart home design and installation can be invaluable from the earliest stages of planning. We provide guidance and advice on how the latest audio-visual technology can be successfully integrated to enhance the space and meet your needs.

We have experience working on all sizes of projects such as large multi-dwellings to more modest residential homes across London, Harrogate, Yorkshire and the rest of the country. No matter the size of the project, it is important to coordinate with the Developers, Architects and Contractors to ensure all systems and technology are compatible both now and in the future.

Smart Home Design_Technology Consultancy_CAD Drawings
Smart Home Design_Technology Consultancy_technical drawings
Smart Home Design_Technology Consultancy
Smart Home Design_Technology Consultancy and Installers

Future Proofing your Smart Home

Perhaps the most important feature of any smart home is the robust wiring infrastructure, allowing us to deploy wired and wireless networking equipment, audio-visual and control technologies throughout the property. When designing a wiring infrastructure for your home, it is important to consider what technology you intend to deploy, both immediately and in the years to come as a way of future proofing your smart home.

Technology moves on quickly and at Clever Association, we are best placed to advise you, your design team and Contractors on how you can embrace the latest technologies both now and in the future, with minimum disruption.