With a innovative heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC system, it is now entirely possible to zone your heating on a room by room basis and have the ability to control each area’s temperature independently from the others. This is a great way to save energy as you’ll only heat or cool the rooms you need to. We can give you intuitive control over this level of flexibility, perhaps for example a floor plan on a tablet controller – simply press on a room, get an instant reading of the current temperature and then choose to raise or lower the temperature by selecting an ‘occupied’ or unoccupied’ option.

HVAC Control System_Plant Room
HVAC control system_Thimble Sensor
HVAC control system_control heating remotely
HVAC_control heating remotely

Saving Energy with HVAC Systems

HVAC control systems can be set up so that services are turned off when no movement activity is detected for a certain period of time to save energy too. Systems are designed to be simple to operate and to save energy costs by cutting down on waste. If your home has an orangery, winter garden or conservatory, blinds can be opened and closed with sensor-governed electronics to regulate the temperature whatever the weather.