Door and Gate Entry

Automated Security Gates and Access Control

A door or gate intercom can be a great first line of defence when it comes to your security. Family members or staff can gain access to your grounds or property via a wireless key fob, proximity tag or pin code whereas visitors must press a call button to alert you of their presence.

You can then hold a two-way conversation with them through smart tablets or wall stations while looking at a camera feed. The camera can be backed up on your CCTV system to log and record events; you then have the choice as to whether to open the gate or door yourself. Motorised bollards may also be something for you to consider. These add some extra security at the gated entrance and can be controlled easily from within the property.

For your own convenience and peace of mind, a one-button press from a remote control keypad could lock the house, turn on security lighting and ensure the alarm is activated. Entry keypads can be pre-programmed with personal key codes for regular visitors such as family and friends, cleaners and maintenance contractors.