Smart Home Control

As you begin to integrate more and more technology into your home, from lighting control to multi-room audio, televisions and centralised source equipment, you must consider how you control them all.

There are many different remote control handsets available, all offering truly simple operation with some being basic ‘hard button’ versions and some having colour touch screen displays on them for a customised user experience. We would typically suggest that these are used in all of the main television viewing rooms. Around the home, you might consider wall mounted touch screen controllers or tablets like Apple iPads that allow you to operate all of your electronic devices from anywhere in the house.

smart home control_ipad control
smart home control_RTI handheld remote control
smart home control_AMX touch screen control
smart home control_AMX touch screen

The flexibility of these smart home control solutions allows us to customise the on-screen user interfaces to meet your own specific requirements. We can make the design of the control interface complement your interior décor and work just the way you want it to, making it easy to control your smart home technology. We’ll custom-program the control system to give you all the functionality you need and nothing you don’t. The whole idea is to simplify the interaction process and not over-complicate it.