Data and Telecoms

Home Network and Telecoms Infrastructure

A sophisticated home network and telecoms infrastructure forms the backbone of all fully-integrated homes, more so now than ever as almost all audio-visual, control and telephony devices rely upon a robust and high-speed connection to your home broadband network.

We create our cable infrastructure plans in AutoCAD, planning hidden positions for wireless network repeaters and remote control receivers alongside the more obvious wall plate positions for hard-wired equipment. We’ll work closely with your design team throughout the project cycle to ensure that everything that can be hidden is hidden. This might mean locating equipment in ceiling voids, in cabinets or above kitchen cupboards.

home network_wired and wireless wifi network at home
home network_telecoms set up
home network_wifi network and telecoms set-up and
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Ensuring the Best Home Network Coverage

To aid in the design process we use sophisticated wireless coverage mapping software to plan the locations of repeaters and coverage patterns. This ensures you get the best coverage for your budget both inside the home and outside.

On occasion there can be issues with computer equipment, internet connections or your home network. We’ll give you a simple method to reboot the hardware but if that doesn’t work then our knowledgeable team will be on hand to help look after all your IT needs.