UHD Television

Ultra-high-definition 4K televisions have become the new norm for viewing your favourite TV shows and movies at home. Both offer you a vastly improved viewing experience, delivering clearer, brighter and more vivid visuals.

We’ll assist in selecting the right size and model televisions for each area of your home, drawing up carefully detailed elevations to ensure that they are mounted at the correct height for comfortable viewing, whether that be on a wall, on a stand or hidden within a cabinet on a motorised mechanism.

We’ll always connect an aerial cable and a high-speed Internet link so that you can get all the free-to-air and online catch-up and subscription content available in new televisions.

On top of this though, it is important to consider a centralised distribution solution that allows satellite receivers, Apple TV streaming boxes, Blu-ray players and movie servers to be located away in a hidden centralised location yet still made available to each and every ultra-high-definition 4K television. This type of solution ensures that you are always watching your content in the best picture quality available without having lots of equipment cluttering up your home or compromising the rooms interiors.