Tips for Securing Your Network and Protecting Your Family and Colleagues

The Internet plays a big part in all our lives, but it is more important than ever to protect yourself, your family and colleagues online.

Achieving a secure home or office network might not be as complicated as you think. Although the hardware is extremely sophisticated, there are one-box solutions available that can protect you from internal and external digital threats.

Internet security

We use Watchguard products on installations that demand a step-up in Internet security. These products replace your broadband Internet router, providing a fast and reliable connection to the Internet for all your devices, whilst offering a whole host of powerful security features:

Intrusion prevention

Real-time protection against external parties gaining access to your home or office network, where they might steal your data or identity. These products continually and automatically update their security signatures to ensure the best protection.

Web blocking

Protect your users from malicious websites and botnets, automatically blocking problem sites, with content filtering tools to eliminate inappropriate content and increase productivity.

Spam blocking

Real-time detection of Spam to filter out inappropriate messages automatically and reliably. Spam Blocking has moved on leaps and bounds in recent years and it is possible for these services to review billions of messages every day.

Application control

Allow, block, or restrict access to applications based on family member, department, job function or time of day, with the ability to see in real-time who is accessing what and when.

Malware protection

Advanced detection and elimination of the most sophisticated attacks, including ransomware and zero-day threats.


Virus protection can now be configured at a Gateway level, not just on your individual devices, although we do recommend you continue to protect those too. Continuously updating to ensure known spyware, viruses, trojans, including new variants are eliminated before they hit your machines.

Endpoint security

As mentioned above, it is important that as many threats as possible are detected and eliminated long before they reach your own devices. As you are not always at home or in the office, we would always deploy a high-performance endpoint security system too. We typically use Watchguard or Sophos applications on those to ensure that you stay protected, no matter where you use your equipment.

Password protection

With every device, application and website now needing a password for access we can understand why people keep it simple and use the same ones across multiple devices or websites. There is a big risk involved with this though, if an unwanted party works out your password, the damage could be catastrophic. There are many encrypted password vaults available such as Lastpass, to help keep your details safe. Firstly, change your passwords so that every single one is unique and secure, then store them in one of these digital vaults, accessible only via a single master password. That vault would require multi-factor-authentication to protect it, you only need to remember one password to remain safe.

If you need help securing your network and protecting your family or colleagues, get in touch with our expert design team today

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