Hospitality and Hotel Technology

We have expertise in the supply and implementation of technology solutions within the hotel and hospitality industry, no matter how large or small the project might be. Audio-visual technologies are a great addition within a hospitality environment, enhancing the guests experience and giving guest facilities the real 'wow' factor.

Services might range from guest in-room technologies, including audio-visual entertainment and lighting control, to access systems, content delivery and centralised EPOS booking systems. Public area services might include reception, bar, restaurant, function rooms, spa facilities and even private cinemas.

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Hotel Technology_Rudding Park Horto Bar
hospitality and hotel technology_hotel room technology lighting solution
Hotel technology_Hotel lighting solution

Energy Saving Solutions

Lighting control systems can easily be scaled to control multiple floors or an entire building. Once centralised, an entire hotel’s lighting system can be configured, controlled, managed and monitored all from a central location. With occupancy sensors it is possible to make sure that no lights get left at high settings anywhere in the building when not required. Coupled with light intensity restrictions, these simple methods to reduce energy use, when rolled out across a big installation like a hotel, can result in quite incredible energy savings.