Corporate Technology Solutions

Office automation and corporate technology solutions are a great way of enhancing the working environment for staff. We apply our design and installation services to both new-build sites and existing office spaces. Services generally include audio-visual technology within boardrooms, conferencing and presentation facilities, public address and digital signage solutions. Centralised control technology can be used to knit together all aspects of office automation, using Asset Manager for multiple meeting room bookings and equipment performance control.

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Corporate Lighting Solutions

Using the latest technology from Lutron, we are able to deliver intelligent lighting systems and window treatments so that your employees have a productive and comfortable working environment. With the use of occupancy or vacancy sensors alongside natural light level sensors, the office lights and blinds can respond automatically to the natural light level outside, turning off lights closest to the sunny windows and illuminating those in the darker central area of the space. The energy saved may cover the cost of the intelligent hardware far more quickly than you might expect and we can calculate a rough payback time to assist with your decision.