Cheshire Residence

The project

This leisure wing, built onto a large private residence in Cheshire, houses a dedicated home cinema, swimming pool, steam room, sauna, and gym. We designed and installed a variety of smart home technologies to enhance the environment and complement the luxurious interiors by Mark Gillette Interior Design.

Within the cinema, the client wanted to create a space that felt luxurious yet informal, in-keeping with their home. Working closely with the Interior Designers, bespoke curved sofas were agreed upon as they would fit the bill from both an aesthetic and technical point of view. Detailed CAD designs for the room were drawn up, with the curved staging and sofa layouts done to millimetre accuracy. As part of this process we ensured that there were no compromises with regards to the audio visual performance, ensuring no view would be obstructed and ‘reference level’ audio was achievable in every seat.

The Mark Gillette Interior Design team selected fabric to our acoustic specification, for wrapping the walls, hiding high-performance Triad loudspeakers and our acoustic treatment. We tested several different fabric types for their acoustic performance and only those suitable were presented as options to the client. The room was designed to have a mix of hard and soft surfaces, with acoustic panels adhered to the wall prior to the fabric wrap going in place, all to eliminate unwanted resonance, reverberation and reflection issues.

The family were used to accessing movies via their Sky satellite system, which we upgraded to Sky Q for UHD content, but they also required playback of movies via discs too. A UHD Blu-ray player gave them the ability to play their existing movie collection as well as ensuring that they can benefit from the highest quality content. Processing and projection came via high-performance products from Classé and Digital Projection.

Throughout the rest of the wing, a multi-room audio system based upon Linn Digital Streamers and Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers was installed, allowing the client to play Internet radio and stream any music they like. A Lutron lighting control system was used to further enhance the luxurious environment, with lighting scenes and effects used to illuminate the space beautifully, all selectable via custom engraved wall mounted keypads and RTI remote controls.


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