Equestrian Stables

The project

These Equestrian Stables are part of an elite show jumping facility located in North Yorkshire. The renovated agricultural buildings, alongside newer constructions, benefit from modern technology to improve the equestrian facilities whilst not detracting from the original characteristics.

High performance computer networking and site wide telephony were a must, due to the grounds being so large. It is vitally important for staff to be able to communicate with each other anywhere on site so a robust WiFi network spans all key areas. A background music system was installed within the riding arena and all commonly used areas so that staff can enjoy listening to music while they work.

To facilitate these technologies, each separate building is connected via a carefully designed fibre-optic ‘backbone’ which also ensures future resilience.

The Equestrian Stables was a unique project unlike any other we have worked on. The vast grounds and large number of staff meant we had to install intelligent IT systems that could cope with a greater amount of traffic to keep staff connected across the large complex. The careful planning and coordination that had to go into this project was recognised by Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA). They awarded us ‘Best Special Project’ for our ability to design and install intelligent systems throughout a unique project as complex as this one.

"Clever Association have successfully provided us with an integrated solution to our complex AV, IT and networking needs. The large scale of the site and the distance between several of the buildings could have proved a problem but Clever Association had the expertise and knowledge to be able to overcome this. As our location is problematic for mobile phone signal a good wifi distribution was an essential for us to enable communication around site, even when away from a landline. Having a solution that works enables us to get on with our day to day work and not have to worry about whether information is accessible between buildings."


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