Benefits of Motorised Window Treatments

Motorised window treatments in a master bedroom suite.

Systems that simplify control over lighting in the home, corporate or hospitality settings are widely available. Wherever possible, thought should be given to control over the natural light in too, using motorised window treatments such as blinds, curtains or shutters. Wall keypads and intelligent automation allow light levels to be managed reliably and with ease. […]

How we Work with Architects

Using CAD software to create technical drawings for a project.

When technology is considered at the early design stage, it gives us the opportunity to accommodate certain elements within the fabric of the building for the neatest end result During the early design stages of a project, architects will be carefully considering every detail of the build, ensuring the finished property looks and performs exactly […]

How do you want Your Audio to Look

Invisible audio does not compromise aesthetics.

Although it might not be a question that you thought you’d ask yourself when embarking on a multi-room audio system, giving some thought to how you want your audio to ‘look’ is an important consideration. The way that loudspeakers work hasn’t changed greatly over many years. But advances in design processes, manufacturing methods and construction […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Lighting Design

Lighting design should be a key consideration when undertaking a property build or refurbishment. Get it right and correctly specified and positioned fittings will enhance the building aesthetically and functionally too. Get it wrong and your home might never look or feel as you’d hoped, with fittings jarring against the building, and at worst, leaving […]

How to Improve Staff Productivity with Technology

As we make the transition back into offices, embrace a new hybrid way of working or look to continue working from home, it is important that employers consider how technology can improve the productivity of their staff. Providing your team with the right tools to carry out their job in the most productive manner isn’t […]

How We Work with Interior Designers

Technology should never compromise room aesthetics, which makes the relationship between Technology Provider and Interior Designer a key one. So much detail goes into the selection of interior furniture and fixtures, which makes it important to ensure the technologies installed don’t compromise the aesthetic. With a co-ordinated design approach by your Technology Provider and Interior […]

The Best Audio Systems for Gardens and Outdoor Spaces

Our outdoor spaces play a big part in our lives, being a place to both relax and entertain. Each year as the summer months return, we turn our thoughts to improving our gardens, patios and terraces and a discreet loudspeaker kit should be on your 2021 want-list. Gone are the days of installing large wall […]

How To Get The Best WiFi Coverage In Your Home

As more products become reliant upon a robust connection to the Internet, ensuring you have excellent WiFi coverage throughout the key areas of your home is more important than ever. Creating a WiFi network that reaches out to every part of your home might not be as complicated as it sounds. Over the years there […]

Things to Consider When Designing a Home Cinema

Bringing the cinema experience home is more accessible than it has ever been.Before you start your project, you need to consider how you will use the space, the room layout and the technology. Before starting out on your home cinema journey you need to carefully consider several aspects, from the room dimensions and layout, how […]

Tips for Securing Your Network and Protecting Your Family and Colleagues

The Internet plays a big part in all our lives, but it is more important than ever to protect yourself, your family and colleagues online. Achieving a secure home or office network might not be as complicated as you think. Although the hardware is extremely sophisticated, there are one-box solutions available that can protect you […]